Sasak Tribe Attraction

Explore Lombok – Land Tour all over Lombok 3D2N

Exploring Lombok island is always interesting acitivity to be done, it has its own sensation, Lombok is not merely has beautiful beach in the world, but also has beautiful mountain, culture and tradition stay sustainable and interesting to be known, and local community who although not as accommodating as in Bali, but they are friendly. […]

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Boat untuk menyebrang ke pulau Gili

Explore Lombok – 3 Gili Islands and Senggigi 3D2N

Visiting Lombok it is not complete without exploring the famous Gili islands with it’s beautiful beach and marine life sustainable natural. There is 3 Gili islands are : Air, Meno and Trawangan, each island has its own beauty and uniqueness, awake beach with white sands and clear water, we also shall explore those islands to […]

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