Kapal Jakarta Baubau

Transportation to Wakatobi

Cruise Cruising with PELNI ship from Tanjung Periok Jakarta to Baubau take 3 days. Existing facilities of Pelni ship passengers almost similar with star hotel facilities are supported by adequate facilities, restaurants and cafeterias to relax. Besides that, we can relax and enjoy the beauty of the islands of Buton upon entering the bay, dozens […]

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Wakatobi Underwater view

Diving Trip Wakatobi 6D5D

Indonesia has a tourist destination that can not be doubted its beauty, this time we’re going to WAKATOBI, one of the districts in Southeast Sulawesi has a big name as a underwater tourist destination in the world. Wakatobi is an acronym of Wangiwangi – Kadelupa – Tomia – Binongko, an islands located in the southeast […]

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