Wakatobi Underwater view

Explore Wakatobi 4D3N

Wakatobi (Wangiwangi – Kadelupa – Tomia – Binongko) Eastern Indonesia had undoubtedly tour destination for its beauty, the exotism of its culture, charming beaches and the amazing marine‚Äôs life. This chance we would like to explore Wakatobi, one of the districts in Southeast of Sulawesi which has a big name as the underwater tourist destination […]

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Telaga Sarangan, Magetan

Sarangan Lake and Grojogan Sewu Tour

Sarangan Lake It is a natural lake located at the foot of Mt. Lawu, Sub-district of Plaosan, Magetan. The lake is really beautiful and has been the most popular tourist destination in Magetan, Just like the other lakes around Indonesia, Sarangan lake also situated on the high land, suitable to be a destination for family […]

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