Banner Company Profile of Keliling Nusantara 300x200 About UsKeliling Nusantara created among thousands of travel with confidence with the concepts and ideas that are somewhat off the mark, which combine the concept of a little cowboy with a backpacker traveling professional concept that includes the provision of accommodation and security, as well as convenient connections to personal, group, or company

Keliling Nusantara present to facilitate people to reach the archipelagos of Indonesia, and can be accessed online through the website accessible to local people and the International community and invite more loving domestic tourism

What make Keliling Nusantara different with the others travel agents is sincerity in exploring Indonesia as the biggest island country in the world. Indonesia has a unique tropical very tempting and we are very experienced to reach areas which have been the tourism potential and very little explorers who felt the atmosphere.

Keliling Nusantara also invite you to know the culture of the community, food, and cultural heritage that is very intriguing and become more value for Indonesa, has also become an alternative for the explorers that has been around Indonesia and bored and want to experience different things and give new perspective for populace to have more attention to the world of tourism.

Mission of Keliling Nusantara

We want to make our Trip Organizer different. We take our guests to places away from the beaten paths while at the same time offering reasonable standards of comfort. In addition to this, we can arrange Trip Organizer for those hardy souls who can manage a hard trek and can do without things like western pedestal toilets.

We want to take you to places which have yet receive the economic benefits that responsible tourism can bring. This means better standards of living, health and education for the local populace. At the same time we are very aware of conservation issues. We seek to leave as light a footprint as possible on both the local ecology and the local culture.

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    Posted by Mr Low| Friday November 1st, 2013 |

    Mu hubby and I will like to visit Mount Bromo in Jan for 3D2N. Please advise how we can go about it. Thanks.