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pulau putri kepulauan seribu

Putri Island – Thousand Islands

The island is not made ​​for any settlement unless a resort. To achieve the island you can use speed boat from Jakarta with a journey time of approximately 90 minutes. The location is very convenient, it is flanked by small islands in the Thousand Islands and Coral reefs, making this island as favorite destination for […]

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sunset pulau pantara

Pantara Island – Thousand Islands

The island is famous for its clear water and beautiful coral reefs. natural beauty of the underwater world is very interesting to explore, fish and colorful coral reefs – iridescent and crystal clear blue water and become top choice for diving and snorkeling lovers. The island is located about 2 hours from Marina Ancol port, […]

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pulau bidadari - kepulauan seribu

Bidadari Island – Thousand Islands

As the name implies, this island is beautiful like an angel, a perfect place for tourists who come on with their couple. There is a package with variety of prices available offered by travel agents for you who want to capture Pre wedding images  on this island, located not far from Marina Ancol Port. In […]

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pulau ayer

Ayer Island – Thousand Islands

Ayer Island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands – Jakarta that have a source of fresh water. From Marina Ancol pier 16 can be taken only 30 minutes away, the island is part of the Thousand Islands closest to Jakarta. The island has a unique floating wooden cottages and equipped with a […]

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Baby turtles at Sukamade beach

Sukamade Turtles Beach

Sukamade beach is one of the tour attractions located at the area of intensive use zones Meru Betiri National Park (TNMB). Located approximately 97 km to the southwest of the city of Banyuwangi, precisely located within the territory of Sukamade Hamlet, Village Barongan, Pesanggaran district, Banyuwangi regency, East Java, Indonesia. The beach is huge potential […]

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Penyu ke laut di pantai Sukamade

Explore Meru Betiri National Park and Finding Turtles at Sukamade Beach

Have you seen turtles lay their eggs directly while in the wild? It is an rarely found experience, but you can watch it directly on the Sukamade beach, located inside Meru National Park Betiri. Meru Betirin National Park (TNBT) is located on the south coast of East Java that is included in the two districts […]

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Bama Beach - Baluran national Park

Bama Beach at Baluran

A quiet beach inside Baluran National Park, it has the feel of stunning sunrise that was so appealing eyes, if you’re exploring Baluran, stay overnight at Bama beach and enjoy the charm of it’s sunrise. If you have a long enough time to enjoy Bama, choose your activities in the afternoon canoeing or snorkeling in […]

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Padang-Padang Beach – Bali

The beach became popular after being used as a shooting location for the video clip MLTR (Micheal Learn To Rock) and the hollywood movie titled Eat, Pray, Love, you’ve probably watched it. A beach is relatively not much visited than the beaches in Bali in general, however, very admirable beauty, few domestic tourists who visit […]

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