Situpatenggang lake

Kawah Putih – Ciwidey – Bandung

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Let’s visit Ciwidey in South Bandung, a mountainous tourist area in the natural lush, round trip we only treated by natural beauty and soothing green. You know in the archipelago there are a lot of heaven, and Ciwidey probably one of it’s paradise, tucked not far from the frenetic city of Bandung which stores native female beauty.

One attraction that makes people visit Ciwidey is White Crater, a crater sulfur saving myths, local people believe that the White crater was haunted because there was the spirits of the ancestors dwell, no birds flying just above the white crater, because if that happens, the birds would die, so they told me. It seems indeed the case given the strong scent of sulfur, not only the birds, we also can not afford to linger near the white crater.

But if we enjoy it from a distance, its beauty swept away the mystique, then relax for a moment while enjoying “bandrek”, warm and fresh beverage made ​​from a mixture of ginger and local spices, then the cold in the White Crater that’s covering you will instantly disappear.

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There is also Tea Garden In Ciwidey, nearby the garden is a lake named Situ Patenggang, you can imagine the beauty, tea gardens with hilly landscape decorated crystal clear lake. satisfy your self by enjoy the boating around the lake.

Are you interesting to visit Ciwidey? Let me tell you the route to reach the area. If you come from Jakarta you can use one of two route below:

  1. Find your way to Cileunyi highway – Exit Kopo highway turn right, usually you’ll be jammed in the traffic because of many school and mall along the way – Soreang (The sign is Governor office of Bandung regency then you turn right heading to Soreang District Hospital (RSUD Soreang) – Ciwidey (The sign is Ciwidey terminal last to the white crater) – Total distance about 40 km or  1 – 2 hours by private car.
  2. Find your way to Pasteur highway – Exit Baros Cimahi highway – Margaasih – Nanjung – Cipatik (Turn left) – Jalak Harupat stadion – Soreang – Ciwidey.

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