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Nusa Barong Island – Papuma Beach | Jember – East Java

Nusa Barong island in Jember, East Java, is one of outstanding natural charm in Java. The island is similar to Phi-phi Island in Phuket. Very amazing beaches and natural, as if there is no limit to its beauty. Maybe not as famous as Sempu or Karimun Jawa Island, but the charm of the island of Nusa Barong can not be underestimated. It is located on the southern island of Java and become part of Jember.

To reach the Nusa Barong island, you can take a boat from Tanjung Papuma beach for 1-2 hours. During the trip, the waves typical of Indonesian south sea will challenge you. From a distance, the cluster of rocks and green forest become stunning scenery. The island is like a hidden paradise in the Indian Ocean. Cluster of rocks on the island is very famous beautifu coral. The is very large, looming sturdy, and at first glance similar to the temple. This is what makes the island of Nusa Barong similar to Phi-phi Island in Phuket. Therefore, prepare your best camera to capture the uniqueness.

White sand will welcome you on this island. Coupled with the blue water, every traveler will fell in love with this place. The air on the island of Nusa Barong is pretty cool, because the island is uninhabited. The island is only inhabited by flora and fauna, there is no human live here. Some animals such as monkeys, squirrels and many species of birds can be found on this island. Not only that, the beauty of the underwater no less riveting. You can snorkel around the beach while accompanied by marine fish and beautiful coral reefs. The sea is blue and clear. However, you are advised not to swim too far into the middle. Nusa Barong island located in the Indian Ocean, then you will encounter the strong waves.

Nusa Barong island seems to have the beauty without limits. It’s a must-visit place for you as a holiday to East Java.

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