Ranu Agung Probolinggo

Ranu Agung Tiris Probolinggo

Ranu Agung, is a volcanic lake formed by Lamongan volcano. Ranu Agung has tremendous tourism potential with a high cliff at one of it side, and deserve to be the natural attractions with the green and soothing atmosphere. This volcanic lake is situated in the village of Ranu Agung, Tiris districts, 40 km from downtown of Probolinggo. With a height of 525 m above sea level, making Ranu Agung looks beautiful area surrounded by hills, plantations, and forest areas. In addition, this area is also close to several other attractions like Pekalen rivers for white water rafting, Kedaton temple of Majapahit kingdom and tea plantations at Kedaton Lawang.

If you visit Probolinggo, spare your time to visit Tiris and enjoy Agung lake, Lawang Kedaton tea garden, also visit Bremi village which is the main gate to trek Mount Agropuro, there are several natural waterfalls in this village or you can trek to Garden of Life or Taman Hidup, a beautiful lake located in the trekking field of Mount Argopuro, around 6 hours trekking from the village.

If you like adventure activity to challenge your adrenaline, you can explore Bremi and Tiris with Motor trail and visit all interesting spots around. The field is not to hard, it is really suitable for you if you want to try the adventurous activity.

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