Ombak Tujuh - O7 - Saven Waves - Ujung Genteng

Turtles Ujung Genteng Surf Tour 8D7N

Ujung Genteng located in Sukabumi – West Java, approximately 2-3 hours drive to the east from Pelabu
Cimaja Point - Pelabuhan Ratu

Cimaja Pelabuhan Ratu and Sawarna Surf Tour 13D/12N

Sawarna Sawarna is a rural area with lots of rice farmland cultivated by local inhabitants, administ
Cimaja Point - Pelabuhan Ratu

Cimaja Pelabuhan Ratu Surf Tour 8D7N

Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu Nowadays Cimaja – Pelabuhan Ratu is a popular surfing destinatio
Green Canyon, Pangandaran

Body Rafting Adventure Green Canyon

Indonesia really like a haven, it’s beauty is really fascinating, people from all over the world nee
Green Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon – Pangandaran

GREEN CANYON!! Do not identify it as one of the prestigious tour destination in America, look more t
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