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Togean Islands National Park, Central Sulawesi

TogeanTogian Islands Maps 300x176 Togean Islands National Park, Central Sulawesi islands national park formed by volcanic activity, located at Tomini bay, the central of Sulawesi, this islands got its national park status on 2004 and covered the area of 292.000 hecktares, Togean island is became a part of Tojo Una-una regency.

Togean national park rich with healthy coral reefs and a variety of rare marine species protected under law, this makes Togean become one of the best diving destinations in Indonesia, beautiful beaches ideal for relaxing while on vacation, Malenge, one of the island in Togean become a residential for Bajo people who associate their life with marine.

Although secluded and the access to this islands is relatively not easy, Togean islands attracts many diving activity lovers of both domestic and international, they spent weeks or even months to explore the beauty of coral reefs and underwater life and relax on the wonderful beaches. Some islands have diving and snorkeling spots among others; Kadidiri, most of dive resort in Togean located in this island, in addition to having a lot of dive spots, the island is located in the heart of the islands and thereby facilitate easy access to reach other islands, Una-una Island, located right in the middle of the Tomini bay less 2-3 hour trip by boat from Gorontalo, there are also diving resort on this island, Malenge island, is famous residential island of Bajo people, they build their houses above the sea, you can visit their village and get to know closer how their lives, Walea Kodi island also has some diving and snorkeling spots are gorgeous and the island Walea Bahi, there is a dive resort on the island also has some beautiful diving spots, in addition to some of the island above, actually there are many small islands in Togean.

Wakai port Togean island 300x179 Togean Islands National Park, Central SulawesiTogean Islands can be accessed from several cities in the North and Central Sulawesi, tourists are generally arrived by a flight in Gorontalo city then use the Ferry which departs on Friday and Thursday afternoon to Wakai in Togean or if they missed the Ferry’s schedules, from Gorontalo they can drive to Marisa with rent cars, and then charter the boat to take them to Togean. Of Central Sulawesi, Togean can be accessed from a small town Luwuk and Ampana using Ferry. On April 2015, government built Ampana Airport, this new airport has opened a route that is still limited, among others: Ampana – Luwuk, Ampana – Gorontalo and Ampana – Palu, and there is no direct flight from Makassar to Ampana, the flight schedule is also not daily flight, hopefully the next few years the airport will able to operate fully and serving the route Makassar – Ampana, thus will provide easy transportation accecss to the tourists who want to visit Togean islands.

For culinary, most of the foods in this islands are processed from marine or seafood. Togean typical main food itself is sago. In Ampana, you can enjoy the beauty of the night and typical culinary rica-rica grilled fish. You can also buy food for lunch around these islands especially when you want spend your trip moving from one island to another.

Relaxing in Togean islands 300x205 Togean Islands National Park, Central SulawesiThe activities during the visit in Togean are fishing, sailing, swimming, and of course diving. There are many small and large island inhabited by diverse and unique flora and fauna. You can also visit the residential of Bajo people in Kabalutan, Six Island, Malenge, or in Kayome where there is a genuine home of Bajo people which was abandoned, built without a single nail.

Batudaka island is the biggest island and most easier to be accessed, at this island you can visit Bomba village for swimming, snorkeling or visit the Bat cave, in Wakai, a sub district of Togean where the port is located, from here you can go to Kadidiri island by boat.

The Wall Taipi approximately 4 km to the south of Kadidiri, there is a dive sites in the form of a vertical rock wall that extends from North to South. You will enjoy the stunning scenery here, various kinds of colorful coral reefs, the current also good for diving and snorkelign with the depths varying from 5-30 meters and the water is warmed so that sunlight will make you linger underneath.

The underwater of Enam island, we can find wreck dive spot of aircraft bomber B24 belonged to United State of America which was fell down on May 1945, the condition of this aircraft is relatively good, you can see its propeller, the wings and cabin with its mechine gun, this aircraft wreck can be found around 16km from Kadidiri island on the depth of 14-22 meters.

For you who does not have diving license, you can try snorkeling, fihsing and explore many beaches and trekking to the forest at Malenge island, or you can visit Mt. Colo at Una-una island, you can also do cultural tour activity by visiting Bajo people vilagges.

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