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Trip to Pari Island – Thousand Islands – Jakarta

Should we leave Friday morning and we will have a chance 3 day 2 night vacation in Pari Island – Thousand Islands – Jakarta, but my boss is still living until Friday afternoon, so we only had a chance 2 days 1 night, although reduced one day, but still not diminished taste of this holiday.

Saturday morning, we have to arrive early in the morning at Kali Adem dock- Muara Angke in order to cross to the Thousand Islands, the boat will cross left around 06.30 am in the morning, so before that time we had to be at the dock or or if we late we can not cross to the Pari island. Before crossing, we took morning breakfast around Muara Angke, there are many cafetaria already standby at that morning and we get breakfast.

Kali Adem is the new pier, operated for the purpose of passenger transportation for thousand island people or visitors, there is a fast boat that will take passenger into thousand island and then take the other to Kali Adem dock, before the dock was built, backpackers usually cross to the Thousand Islands, using a rented fishing boat.

Journey from Kali Adem Pier to Pari island taken about 40 minutes to 1 hour depend to the weather, if you are not used to take journey by ship, you will usually nauseous and vomiting, therefore, I suggest you to sit in the back of ship which is more calm, because in the front of the ship due to shock waves will be felt, the ticket price of Rp. 26.000, -.

Pari Island is one island between many more island in this area which was already famous as a tourist destination in Jakarta, there are many islands in the Thousand Islands that was became tourist destination, Pari Island is fairly newly developed, only little tourist facilitation we can find here, not like in the Pramuka Island, or Untung Jawa island,or  Sepa or Tidung island that was already more famous earlier, even banana boat we can not find here, because it the beach has more natural atmosphere. Pari island has a population of about 350 families, and according to people’s information that Pari Island still in dispute, because of it, tourism beach developers did not want to invest on the island, there are positive and negative consequences of the condition of the dispute, one side, tourism development on this island become sluggish, but on the other hand, this causes Pari Island residents cooperate among theme self  to advance tourism in their island, which means the awareness to be independent and to make Pari Island as a tourism destination truly started from the minds and hearts of the locals, and I think there is no something better than they worked together to advance their environment. And they are really self-conscious and consolidate to build Pari Island as a tourist destination in the Thousand Islands to compete with the surrounding islands that was already started long before them.

We arrived at Pari Island around 08.00 am – that is because the ship departure delayed, what should we do first is to find inn where we over the night in Pari Island, the average inn rental rates in Pari Island ranges from 300 thousand to 450 thousand for one night, but how lucky we get a homestay with only 150 thousand for the night, even though we should know that the in is not as good as the inn with the price of 450 thousand, but it is enough to just rest and over night.

Staying up all night before we left here is indeed exhausting, so we go sleep upon our arrival, we woke up around 01:30 pm to start a vacation activity in Pari Island, there are several points of destination in Pari Island, there is a Virgin sand beach, there are hills of sunrise, there is also a snorkeling spot, our first goal was a virgin sand beach. The manager of the beach hygiene charging Rp. 2.000, – for the purposes of maintaining the cleanliness of the Virgin sand beaches, and expenses in full force one day, so you do not need to worry to go back to the inn and back again to Virgin sand Beach repeatedly, while on the same day, you will not be charged again.

On this beach we chatted with a few locals who deal with Virgin sand beaches, and they then offered us to drop off at one of the snorkeling spots around the island. To get to the snorkeling spot we had to rent a wooden boat paddle driven by residents, the rent of Rp. 40.000, – per boat, one boat containing a maximum of 4 people, we also rent snorkeling equipment with a rental fee of Rp. 40.000.

Underwater scenery at Pari Island is awesome, well-preserved marine life and healthy coral reefs and many kind of fishs, with a small paddle boat we were riding, we can reach some snorkeling spots without hassles, and it is true really beautiful, awareness of citizens to preserve marine life make underwater territory of Pari Island are really beautiful, really memorable snorkeling experience. Towards sunset we finished snorkeling activities and get back to the island, on the way home we watched the sunset on the beach is so beautiful, amazing twilight afternoon flushed, reddish yellow horizon, the sun shadow bouncing in the sea surface, for those of you who like beaches, of course you will really enjoy this moment, an experience that probably can not be enjoyed by those who are too busy with sparkling metropolis of Jakarta.

After a shower and clean in the homestay, we prepared dinner with squid main menu, we had been booked in advance to one of the residents to to cook squid for us. The menu are really spicy, but we ate ravenously until the full, anyway we were too hungry after a day of snorkeling, and then we take rest, we need it to be able to wake up tomorrow morning to enjoy the sunrise on the hills of sunrise.

We woke up when the sun is just rising and we rush to find a place to enjoy the moment, the sunrise on the beach, it is always refreshing, enjoy the warmth of the morning sun, the fresh morning air, and the waves that reflect the sun and its rays, the Thousand Islands is a paradise for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful moment of archipelagos, if you live in Jakarta or if were in Jakarta and had enough time, I suggest to make a vacation in the Thousand Islands, don’t miss it.

On 11 AM we had to go home, because the ship will cross from Pari Island dock to Kali Adem dock is on 03:00 pm, one day and one night in Pari Island was really fun, even though we were not fully satisfied, but enough to relax my self from the busy and the bustle of  living in Jakarta.

Trip cost to Pari Island – Thousand Islands

  • The cost of crossing from Kali Adem dock to Muara Angke Rp 26.000, – / person – one way trip and you must pay for the ticket again again when you return back.
  • Virgin Sand beach admission Rp 2,000, – / person for whole day.
  • Rent snorkeling equipment Rp 40.000, – / person, includes: life jacket, vin and swimming glass.
  • Wooden Boat renting Rp 40.000, – fit for 4 person.
  • Bicycle Rent to take around Pari Island Rp. 20.000, – / day.
  • Inn rent / homestay ranges from Rp. 250.000, – to Rp 450.000, – per house fit up to 10 people.

Photos on Pari Island

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  1. Hi, thanks for this informative post! I’m interested in doing the same trip as well. Do you think this would be very difficult for two foreigners who speak very little Bahasa Indonesia to do? Any tips?

    • Yes I think.
      But I can inform you, there are many trip organizer who organize a trip around thousand island at Jakarta, they create scheduled trip almost every weekend and you can join them on their schedule, I recommend you to use them then you go by your self.

  2. Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give
    a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading
    your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics?
    Thanks a ton!

  3. Kapan kapan lo punya duit, kunjungin tudah Pulau Pari, pengen tau kaya apa pulau sebenarnya. .thanks

  4. keberangkatan ke pulau pari penyeberangan bisa dr tanjung kait or tanjung pasir tdk ya?

    • Aku belum pernah ke via Rute itu mbak..
      Yang pasti waktu itu kita menyebrang dari Muara Angke, pnyebrangannya kurang lebih 45 menitan, pake speedboat.
      tiketnya kalau dak salah 31ribu.

  5. Permisi bro, ada nomer kontak homestay di pulau pari? rencana mau kesana akhir bulan. thanks

    • Dulu aku sempat punya nomer kontak homestay di Pulau pari bro, tapi bbku kereset dan belum sempat backup datanya
      Mohon maaf bro dak bisa bantu untuk yang ini.

  6. thanks guys for comment..
    if you wanna be participant for exploring nusantara (Indonesia) just call us in our hotline number..

  7. thanks for comment.. we can help you if you interest to go to Pulau Pari Island..

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